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Sound Bible Teaching

Student will receive complete and expert teaching in the Word of God. Fundamental, Soul-winning preachers and teachers will comprise the faculty. Preachers will teach preachers

Soul Winning Experiences

Student will have opportunities to engage in weekly aspects of soul winning such as; hospital visitation, door to door witnessing, the bus ministry and visiting shut-ins.

Hearing Great Men of God

Students will have opportunities to hear some of America's great soul winners who will be guest speakers.

Fundamental Bible Preaching

Daily chapel services and weekly church services of the Marietta Bible Center Church will provide a steady diet of the sound Bible preaching

Practical Training Experiences

All students will be given opportunity of actual involvement in the ministries of Marietta Bible Center Church, including; Bus Ministry, Sunday School, Nursery, Tape Ministry, Youth Work, Radio Ministry, Choir, Visitation Program, Bible Studies, Multimedia and Children's Church.

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