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Brief History

     The Marietta Bible College was started in the fall of 1977 as a ministry of the Marietta Bible Center Church, under the leadership of Dr. Myron K. Guiler. Its purpose was to provide a place for young men and women from the area to receive training to serve the Lord.

     The many travels of Dr. Guiler to different countries opened opportunities to introduce the college to prospective students around the world; thus, the college has had the opportunity to train

significant number of foreign young people intending to return to their own countries to establish churches in areas where there are no Bible-believing ministries. As a result, graduates are serving the Lord around the world.

    The Marietta Bible College endeavors to provide a church-centered program which qualifies students to ministry in churches and Christian schools around the world. It's academic programs are focused toward the goal of Christian ministry. It's seeks to reach this goal with a combination of classes, on-the-job experience, and personal involvement. The ultimate goal of Marietta Bible College is to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.



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