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Purpose and Philosophy

       The Marietta Bible College was founded in 1977 as a ministry of the Marietta Bible Center Church. The college is located on a beautiful 15-acre property on the banks of the Muskingum River, one mile north of the Marietta, Ohio, city limits.

       The Marietta Bible College was established as a training center for men and women entering Christian ministries. The college offers four year-programs characterized with the combination of excellent academics and practical ministerial training. The academic programs include both liberal arts subjects as well as specialized courses in Biblical studies. The college's strong emphasis on practical studies provides concrete training in ministerial methods and materials. The Marietta Bible Center Church and Marietta Christian School provide opportunities for participants to utilize their training while they are still students. In addition, the students have regular opportunities to visit and minister in many other churches of like faith.


            The faculty consists of active pastors and workers which are currently serving the Lord. This gives the students the opportunity of being trained by teachers who are able to share their experiences in the gospel ministry.


          The college has had the opportunity of training many foreign students and currently has graduates serving around the world. Because of the giving of individuals and other churches of like faith, students from foreign countries are provided scholarships which fully cover their room, board, and tuition.

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